How To Make Your House Shifting Eco Friendly?


When it comes to moving from one home to another, people usually hire last minute moving services. They have professionally experienced and skilled staffs to help you de-clutter the mess and pack up everything in an organized manner.

Through proper planning, people somehow manage to move things easily and without troubles. However, it has been observed that even with the help of last minute movers, a lot of people leave their surroundings totally polluted while shifting homes. This should be avoided by all means.

There are various ways through which you can make your shifting eco-friendly. Here are some eco-friendly house shifting tips to help you out.

Say NO To Unwanted Paper Use

Utilize the advanced technologies to avoid pollution. Always remember that we have this great responsibly to save our planet, and you should be cautious enough to do that.

You can start it from making the checklist. Instead of making your checklist on a piece of paper, prepare it on your smartphone ‘to-do-list.’ This way, you can avoid the use of paper. Using less paper, you are indirectly saving the nature – you are saying NO to waste paper as well as protecting the trees.

If you are hiring last minute moving services, be sure to use the electronic mode of communication to get in touch with them instead of letters. Similarly, don’t accept any paper bills, brochures, leaflets, etc., from them. Instead, ask them to send you a soft copy of all.

Most of the same day moving companies would try to canvas their customers by issuing colorful leaflets or brochures. They are not doing anything wrong – they just want to popularize their service. However, you can make a difference here by saying NO to paper ad contents.

Say NO To Plastic

You cannot completely avoid paper stuffs during your last minute shifting. You need paper made cartons, bags, etc., to pack up your things. It has been observed that many same day moving companies come with plastic bags or packing materials to expedite the work. Here, you should instruct them strictly not to dump any plastic stuff in your compound.

Remember that plastic materials cause more damages to the planet than papers do. Hence, prefer paper packing materials to plastic alternatives. Paper boxes can either be re-used or recycled, so it is not really a waste of money either.

Hire An Eco-Friendly Moving Company

And finally, hire an eco-friendly moving service. If you hire an eco-friendly last minute relocation service, you don’t have to remind them every time about the importance of saving the planet because they are aware of it and make sure to keep the environment healthy. You can contact your neighbors or friends to find an eco-friendly moving service in your locality.